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Morgan Leigh McKenna

I bought my first camera when I was eight and became obsessed with the Colorado landscape:  wide open plains, massive cottonwoods, winding canyons, hidden creeks, wild rivers.  I loved composing images, especially patterns.  But there was something else that drew me in, even though I couldn't articulate what that was.  Looking back, I was always trying to capture the feel - the sheer energy - of a scene.  After two decades of success shooting classical landscapes, my passion for a more mystical approach resurfaced with a strength that surprised me.   On a quest for what I began to call the "holy grail of presence", I started experimenting with an array of alternative techniques such as intentional camera movement, ultra-narrow focus, slow-shutter speeds, and extreme back light (light flooding).  Today, these techniques form my signature photographic stye.  

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